Health & Biosciences Example Resumes

Health & Biosciences resumes typically include…

  • Research Experience
  • Volunteer experience
  • Lab equipment proficiency
  • Lab procedure proficiency
  • Safety certifications

Pro Tip:

These resumes can be 1-2 pages if you have a lot of relevant experience to show. Include clinical hours, research, lab experience and related community service. If you don’t have the experience, show transferrable skills.

For example, for roles with patient care, show transferrable skills that are highly desired such as active listening, communication, time management. Consider adding skills and certifications closer to the top of your resume so requirements are easy to find.

Student Example #1: Sarah Mason | Junior

  • Sarah is highlighting her relevant certifications and leadership positions within community health organizations.

Download Sarah’s template in Microsoft Word

Student Example #2: Paula Greenman | Senior

  • Paula’s goal is to show off her research experience combined with her health sciences-related on-campus experience to apply to medical school.

Download Paula’s template in Microsoft Word

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