Join Blue Chip Leadership Experience to find community, distinguish yourself, and build career skills. Our students build lifelong friendships and hone their leadership skills on campus, in the classroom, and in the community. Blue Chip graduates are pushing boundaries, solving problems, and excelling as leaders.

Why join Blue Chip Leadership Experience?

  • Build your community and meet other Wildcats.
  • Learn through real-world experiences, service, and internships.
  • Build in-demand skills like leadership, teamwork, communication, and problem-solving.
  • Prepare as a professional to perfect your resume, interview skills, and elevator pitch.

“The experiences I had and the friendships I gained are some of the most valuable pieces of my college experience.”

Norbert, Blue Chip Alumni

“Blue Chip has been the foundation of my college experience, and it has given me a tight-knit, supportive community throughout my educational journey.”

Penelope, Blue Chip Alumni

Blue Chip First-Year Experience

In Year 1, students focus on teamwork and collaboration, learning effective communication, conflict resolution, and teambuilding through hands-on experiences and workshops. Students strengthen their ability to lead high-performing teams through real-world scenarios and group projects. Each semester Blue Chip leaders get extra perks to have fun and build lasting friendships. You’ll love the Escape Room Challenge and our spring Field Day on the University of Arizona Mall.

To build community, we place each first-year student on a team of 15-20 other first-year students. During weekly class meetings, students will engage in team-building activities, thoughtful discussions, and career development exercises.

Here are some of our first-year events:
Opening Event – meet your team for the first time and have some fun!
Escape Rooms – work together to solve the mystery and learn about team-building in the process.
Days of Service – serve the Tucson community and bond with your team.
Blue Sync – be creative and make a music video with your team.
Field Day – practice teamwork and communication on this day of outdoor games and problem-solving.

Sophomores & Transfers


You will learn advanced leadership concepts and apply them by working with local non-profits and corporate partners to solve real-world challenges.

Fall Semester
Design Thinking for Social Change – Learn how to create social change using the design thinking process. This is an interactive course that features participation and engagement from the students to maximize the learning experience. (3 credits)

Spring Semester
Peer Education & Leadership – Plan and practice leadership through peer mentorship theory. Practice facilitation strategies to become an effective mentor and leader. (3 credits)


Apply the leadership skills and knowledge you have developed while creating positive change. Become a peer mentor or a preceptor for our program. This may be the most impactful experience you have during your time on campus. This is a rare opportunity for formal leadership, and it will grow your leadership skills greatly by allowing you to support and manage a group of 15-20 first-year students.

Equiss – Attend our equity and access retreat to explore concepts surrounding equity and leadership. Create a personal plan for acting on social change as a respectful leader.

Professional Development Sprint – Participate in activities/workshops that focus on networking, building a competitive resume, and interview skills to make sure you’re prepared for what comes next.


You will apply the skills and knowledge you learned in Blue Chip to a program-wide scale. Year 4 is designed to allow you to leave your legacy with Blue Chip. You will also develop the personal and professional skills needed for a smooth transition from college into your career.

Senior Capstone – Meet weekly in this seminar-style class to refine Blue Chip student experience, dig into professional and personal development, and plan your Year 4 Retreat. (2 credits fall & 2 credits spring)

Year 4 Retreat – spend a weekend with your closest Blue Chip friends with fun activities, personal development, and relaxation.

Earn a Leadership Minor

Blue Chip Leadership Experience students earn a minor in Leadership Studies & Practice. In their courses, our students gain skills to address complex organizational and societal challenges as effective, engaged, and ethical leaders. Compatible with any major, the Leadership Studies & Practice minor is 18 credits and teaches our students how to effectively lead a team in any career. Learn more here!

What does the Blue Chip Leadership Experience program fee include?

Students who join Blue Chip in the Spring will be charged $200. Fees are charged to your university account at the Bursar’s Office and can be paid in the same manner that you pay tuition or other fees. The fees support costs associated with courses, events, and an annual Blue Chip apparel item, depending on your progress in the program.

Students in Blue Chip progress through a number of opportunities such as peer mentorship, unique access to career events, and micro-internships. This programming supports career skills that the University of Arizona’s most desired employers and graduate programs are searching for like teamwork, communication, critical thinking, leadership, professionalism, and a number of other skills that will distinguish you from the crowd.

Fee Waivers: 

Blue Chip students who demonstrate financial need can apply for a fee waiver. The fee waiver program is available to students who need assistance paying for between 25% and 100% of the First-Year Experience fee.

Please do not let cost keep you from participating in Blue Chip! Contact us for more information!

“Blue Chip revolutionized my thinking process. It allowed me to see myself and others in a new light.” 

Ariel, Class of 2024

“The connections you make are truly rewarding. The people I’ve met through the program have become great friends, people who support and celebrate my goals and achievements.”

Joselyn, Class of 2024

We’d love for you to join Blue Chip!