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Research Experiences

Interested in Undergraduate Research?

Engaging in research at the undergraduate level has many benefits. Research gives you the opportunity to take what you have learned in the classroom and apply those skills and knowledge to a real-life question.

Research helps you to understand concepts that are integral to your area of study. You will improve your self-confidence, critical thinking skills, and communication skills. The research experience and the networking opportunities it provides will ultimately help you in making your career decisions.


Undergraduate Research Ambassadors 

Need help finding research? Talk to an Undergraduate Research Ambassador (URA)! URAs are undergraduate students who have been through the process of finding and working in undergraduate research. They are familiar with the many resources and programs available to you on and off campus, and can help you search for opportunities that meet your interests in any academic field.  The URAs will provide you with individualized help to find opportunities relevant to you. You can schedule a 1:1 meeting with an Undergraduate Research Ambassador or feel free to email the team at with inquiries or questions.

A Student’s Perspective on Research; Julianne’s Story

The most frightening part of research is getting started. Taking that leap into a new project takes courage. Julianne Chania Setiadi, a senior in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Arizona, shared that once she took the leap, her nervousness …

By Sarah Randolph
Sarah Randolph
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Emailing Faculty About Research Opportunities (Example Included)

For many students looking to get into research, one way of finding opportunities and getting involved is to email faculty directly. By emailing a faculty member about your interest in research, you can share more information about yourself, why you’re …

By Sarah Randolph
Sarah Randolph
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Building Your Timeline: When to Search for Research

When looking for research opportunities, it’s important to start your search early! Research applications, like any other programs or positions that you apply to, take time. You have to find positions that you’re interested in, ensure you meet the stated …

By Sarah Randolph
Sarah Randolph
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Tips for Adding Research to Your Resume

Getting involved in research is a unique experience that can help you build important skill for school and beyond! Once you get started, it’s important to think about adding it to your resume. When applying to future research positions, jobs, …

By Sarah Randolph
Sarah Randolph
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A Student’s Perspective on Research; Andrew’s Story

Interview and Article by Tintin Nguyen, An Undergraduate Research Ambassador at the University of Arizona

Andrew Soderberg, a senior in Environmental and Water Resource Economics at the University of Arizona, loves visiting national parks. When Dr. Anna Josephson introduced Soderberg …

By Sarah Randolph
Sarah Randolph
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Featured Resources

How to Make an Appointment with an Undergraduate Research Ambassador

You can get help learning, finding, and applying for Research opportunities by meeting with an Undergraduate Research Ambassador! Undergraduate Research …

Finding Research Positions on Handshake

Handshake is a great tool for students to find on-campus and off-campus positions. With jobs, research, internships, and other positions …

Student Stories

Featured Classes

AFAS/HUM 299 | Community Responsive Digital Humanities Research

Dr. Bryan Carter, Lynn Robinson
Students will join in a theoretical and hands-on practical introduction to the Digital Humanities and advanced technologies used in the…

BAT/ENGR/CALS 102 | Data Science Heroes: An Undergraduate Research Experience in Open Data Science Practices

Dr. Bonnie Hurwitz and Dr. Alise Ponsero, College of Engineering
Despite a growing demand for data scientists, university training in science ethics, code licensing and best reproducibility practices are not…

CHS/SOC 403 | Care, Health, and Society in the Wild

Dr. Daniel Menchik and Dr. Franziska Frank, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
This course is an introduction to methods and practices of studying how we moderns organize health care. The aim is…

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