What is the Environment & Resources cluster?

The Environment & Resources cluster represents careers in Earth and Physical Sciences, Sustainability, Energy, and Natural Resources.

Many careers involving the environment entail the study of our planet through a scientific lens, based in geography, climatology, meteorology, oceanography, hydrology, and many other disciplines. Other roles focus specifically on sustainability, approaching environmental issues via social and political activism and advocacy.

Work in natural resources is usually tied to the energy industry, indirectly or directly contributing to the study, acquisition, and utilization of elements such as soil, fossil fuels, solar, wind, water, and minerals. Careers in this space range from financial analyst or trader to engineers, technicians, scientists, supply chain managers, project management, IT, consulting, public relations, policy experts, and beyond.

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Featured Resources

Environment & Resources Example Resumes

Environment & Resources resumes typically include…
Research experience
Field work and sample collection experience
Experience working outdoors
Proficiency with data …

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  • Production engineer Sabic
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