Research & Academia Example Resumes

Research & Academia resumes typically include…

  • Research experience
  • Conference presentations
  • Papers or publications (in review and published)
  • Professional memberships
  • Teaching experience
  • Proficiency with data collection and analysis

Pro Tip:

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Your education is the main feature and this section and would always go at the top. These resumes can be over 1 page if you have a lot of experience to show. Focus on teaching, research, and service. Resume means ‘to sum up’ where as curriculum vitae (CV) means ‘course of life’.

You can include more interests, service, associations, memberships, education experiences.  Use traditional fonts like Times New Roman or Georgia.

Student Example #1: Marie Randolph | Sophomore

  • Marie plans on attending graduate school, so she wants to show her experience working in research settings and diverse work experience.

Download Marie’s template in Microsoft Word

Student Example #2: Dimuth Silva | Ph.D. Graduate Student

  • Dimuth is applying to faculty positions in academia and captures his research, teaching, and presentation experience in his CV.

Download Dimuth’s template in Microsoft Word

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