Commerce & Management Example Resumes

Commerce & Management resumes typically include…

  • Numbers or quantitative data to show accomplishments
  • Internship experience
  • Case competitions or sales-related projects

Pro Tip:

Numbers are very important in these resumes. Employers like to see where anything you have done has saved time or money, or made a process more efficient. Focus on goals achieved and showing your impact and contributions.

Student Example #1: Julie Moyer | Sophomore

  • Julie wants her industry-relevant technology skills and transferrable people skills to stand out.
  • She grouped her skills into categories to make them easier to digest.

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Download Julie’s template in Microsoft Word

Student Example #2: Executive Level Professional

  • This resume is best-suited towards professionals with extensive experience, making an industry transition, or students with lots of relevant experience and quantifiable accomplishments.

Download the Executive Level Professional template in Microsoft Word

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