Global Impact & Public Service

Working for the Greater Good in Non-Profits or Government

What is the Global Impact & Public Service career cluster?

Careers in Global Impact & Public Service contribute to helping people or advancing causes, whether as an activist, advocate, analyst, administrator, or another pivotal profession.

Non-profit organizations are mission-driven and serve particular populations (like children or the elderly) and/or policy areas (like education or poverty.) Well-known examples include Big Brothers/Big Sisters, the Humane Society, Doctors Without Borders, Habitat for Humanity, and Special Olympics. Beyond policy, fundraising, service, and activism, non-profits also need everything from marketing and PR to IT and finance.

The federal government spans the executive, legislative, and judicial branches, plus 170 agencies and departments, like the Environmental Protection Agency, Federal Trade Commission, and National Science Foundation. Its countless careers affect legislation, climate, transportation, and much more. State and local governments offer many parallel positions, serving their respective regions and residents.

International affairs includes roles in diplomacy, economic development, policy, trade, security, and human rights. They exist in global nonprofits, government agencies like the Foreign Service and Peace Corps, and multilateral organizations like the United Nations.

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Alumni Connections

Maureen (Hennessey) Korentayer

Alumni Willing to Help, Alumni Willing to Mentor
  • Recruiting Manager Public Company Accounting Oversight Board
Learn more from... Maureen >

Courtney Acosta

Alumni Willing to Help
  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • Intern Arizona House of Representatives
Learn more from... Courtney >

Troy L Adams

Alumni Willing to Help, Alumni Willing to Mentor
  • Washington, District of Columbia
  • Cybersecurity Specialist US Federal Government
Learn more from... Troy L >

Jess Adani

Alumni Willing to Help, Alumni Willing to Mentor
  • Wayland, Massachusetts
  • Director of annual and leadership giving The Fenn School
Learn more from... Jess >

Nikky Adeniran

Alumni Willing to Help
  • Avondale, Arizona
  • Student Worker University of Arizona
Learn more from... Nikky >

Jessie Allen

Alumni Willing to Help, Alumni Willing to Mentor
  • Tucson, Arizona
  • Director of Marketing and Communications University of Arizona BIO5 Institute
Learn more from... Jessie >

Brian Alonzo

Alumni Willing to Help, Alumni Willing to Mentor
  • Lake Forest, California
  • Applications Coordinator City of Newport Beach
Learn more from... Brian >

Zeyad T. Alsaadi

Alumni Willing to Help, Alumni Willing to Mentor
  • Riyadh, Riyadh Province
  • Technical Manager IDAC
Learn more from... Zeyad T. >

Mark Anderson

Alumni Willing to Help, Alumni Willing to Mentor
  • Kailua, Hawaii
  • EOD Officer US Navy
Learn more from... Mark >

Dylan Anderson-Berens

Alumni Willing to Help
  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • Consultant CIAT
Learn more from... Dylan >

Nathaniel Anthony

Alumni Willing to Help
  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • Corporate Consultant AccuSearch
Learn more from... Nathaniel >

Stavroula Nicolette Antonopoulos, MS, RDN

Alumni Willing to Help, Alumni Willing to Mentor
  • Glenview, Illinois
  • Limited Term Adjunct Lecturer University of Arizona
Learn more from... Stavroula Nicolette >

Featured Classes

ANTH 395B | Special Topics in Cultural Anthropology

The course as taught in any one semester depends on student need and interest, and the research/teaching interests of the…

PAH 420 | Innovation and the Human Condition: Learning How to Improve Life in the Community and Beyond

This course will equip students with the skills to use the humanities intellectual and analytical traditions to identify and pursue…

SOC 397A | Poverty in Tucson Field Workshop

This workshop-based course explores the problem of poverty in the city of Tucson and its impacts on the well-being of…

SPAN 480 | Service Learning

SPAN 480 satisfies the service-learning requirement for the Spanish and Portuguese Program at the University of Arizona.  Students will participate…

TLS 355 | Planning Community Events and Recreation Programs

Students in this course will gain broad knowledge about event planning and programming techniques that can apply to a variety…

Eller Executive Education | PUBLIC SECTOR LEADERSHIP PROGRAMS (for Alumni)

Taught by Eller Executive Education
Designed to equip alumni and community members with the skills they need to lead now and into the future. All…

Eller Executive Education | Government Leadership Excellence (for Alumni)

Taught by Eller Executive Education
As the impacts from the global pandemic and demands for societal change challenge the local and global economy, government leaders…

AFAS/HUM 299 | Community Responsive Digital Humanities Research

Taught by Dr. Bryan Carter, Lynn Robinson
Students will join in a theoretical and hands-on practical introduction to the Digital Humanities and advanced technologies used in the…

POL/SOC 297B | The Origins of Data in Politics and Policy

Taught by Dr. Frank Gonzalez, Dr. Jessica Braithwaite, College of Social and Behavioral Science
In this Course-based Undergraduate Research Experience (CURE), students will work alongside School of Government and Public Policy (SGPP) faculty in…

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