Templates for Sending Messages

Tailor these example messages to fit your communication style and build relationships through your online platforms!

Message to a Recruiter in Regards to a Specific Position:

Dear Mr. /Ms. [Recruiter Last Name],

My name is [Your Name] and I recently submitted my application for the position of [job title].

My skills in [a relevant skill from job description] and [a different relevant skill from the job description] would make me a great fit for the team at [organization name]. I am excited about the potential opportunity to contribute to [organization name]’s mission of [insert an example of the mission of the company] and look forward to discussing my fit for the position in an interview.


[Your Name]

Message Request to a Recruiter on LinkedIn:

Make sure your profile is updated and reflects your current skills, experience, and career goals before connecting!

Dear Mr. /Ms. [Recruiter Last Name],

I found your profile when viewing positions in [industry] and wanted to connect because of [organization name]’s reputation as [something specific to the organization mission or reputation]. With a background in [your major/program of study] and experience in [example of relevant experience], I hope to connect to learn more about how I could contribute to the team at [organization name].

Thank you for your time,

[Your Name]

Message to Connect with University of Arizona Alumni:

Hi [Alumni First Name],

I came across your profile when using the Alumni feature on the University of Arizona page—go Cats! I am currently a [Fr/Soph/Jr/Sr/Grad Student] studying [your major] and would love to learn more about your role as a [insert title] with [organization name]. Would you be open to allowing me to ask you a few questions about your experience?

Thank you for your time and Bear Down!

[Your Name]

Pro Tip:


When appropriate, end your messages with a “yes” or “no” question like in the example above. This makes it easier for your new connections to hopefully reply with a simple answer that then allows you to keep the conversation going!