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TLS 355 | Planning Community Events and Recreation Programs

Students in this course will gain broad knowledge about event planning and programming techniques that can apply to a variety of fields, including recreation, sport, education, non-profit and community sectors. Specific topics to be covered include: assessing organizational needs, developing goals and objectives, venue and space considerations, budgeting, marketing, registration, staff and volunteers, risk management, and evaluation. Issues related to access and inclusion will be highlighted as well. Importantly, students in this course will also develop related “real-world” skills through experiential learning.

Students will work in teams to develop their own unique recreational events. These events will also serve as fundraisers for a charitable organization/cause of the students’ choice. This in-depth, semester-long project will provide the foundation for understanding course concepts and offer valuable, creative, hands-on experience. It will culminate in a comprehensive program plan that can serve as an impressive addition to students’ portfolios and resumes.