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AREC 365 | The Food Economy – Efficiencies, Gaps and Policies

Few questions are more fundamental than how we feed the world’s people. Yet, the coexistence of food insecurity and food waste begs the question: how can we feed the population efficiently, sustainably, and equitably? This course familiarizes students with the food economy and its efficiencies while identifying where gaps occur as food flows from producers to consumers. These gaps frequently lead to food insecurity with a less healthy populous, as well as food waste, an issue in more developed societies.  By examining 1) the food supply chain and markets, 2) food insecurity, 3) food loss and waste along the food supply chain and 4) food policies through the lens of marginalized populations, students will gain insights into the economic forces that shape the food system. This course stimulates critical thinking and problem solving through economic, nutritional science and policy-making perspectives, which may lead to potential resolutions for those who struggle to afford and consume healthy, wholesome foods.