Experiential Learning & the Community

Community Organizations

The University of Arizona is dedicated to connecting our diverse talent pool with the community.  Local organizations play an important role in providing experiential learning opportunities for students, while also gaining valuable insights from student perspectives through their unique skill-sets and diverse backgrounds. The University of Arizona offers several levels of engagement, ranging from opportunities with minimal commitment for community organizations, to semester-long deeper engagements. Whatever your need may be, we will work with you to create a partnership that serves both students and the community.

University-Supported Summer Interns

Are you a local 501c3 organization or local City/County government entity seeking a Summer intern, but don’t have the funds to support such a hire? We provide Summer Internship Scholarships that pay interns on your behalf.

Design Projects

We pay, train, and supervise a team of Design Projects students to engage in real-time innovative problem-solving for organizations that serve our community. If you are a 501c3 organization and would benefit from the time, talent, and skills of Arizona staff and students – without added staff time and labor on your end – we would love to be of service to you!

Course-Based Experiential Learning

The University of Arizona offers stipends to 501c3 organizations that would like to cultivate meaningful long-term relationships with students and faculty. This opportunity invites our local community organizations to co-develop a semester-long course alongside faculty that provides authentic hands-on experiential learning for Arizona undergraduate students to immerse themselves in the work and challenges of your organization.