Career Core by Kaplan

Career Core by Kaplan is the University of Arizona’s partner to help Wildcats get career-ready, no matter their starting point. Kaplan Career Core includes 22 Topics filled with videos and worksheets to support Wildcats along their career journeys. Students also have access to synchronous small group coaching sessions – see the Highlighted Events area for sessions happening soon! These sessions are facilitated by coaches actively working in high growth career fields. Available through July 31, 2024.



Featured Resources

Career Core by Kaplan: Self-Awareness (Topic 1)

Recommended for students in the first stages of career exploration seeking to reflect on their strengths, interests, and values.

In …

Career Core by Kaplan: Career Awareness (Topic 2)

Recommended for students seeking to examine the careers of others in their lives, and to explore their own potential career …

Career Core by Kaplan: Career Exploration (Topic 3)

Recommended for students who want to identify their work interests and preferences and research potential career fields.

Career exploration is …

Career Core by Kaplan: Personal Branding Basics (Topic 4)

Recommended for students new to personal branding and creating their own brand.

Personal branding is all about how you portray …

Career Core by Kaplan: Professional Relationships Basics (Topic 5)

Recommended for students who want to better understand what networking is and prepare to conduct an Informational Interview (also known …

Career Core by Kaplan: Career Action Plan – Getting Started (Topic 6)

Recommended for students who are creating their first Career Action Plan. Your plan does not have to be complex, and …

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