Design Thinking

Connect. Create. Solve Real Problems. 

We’re living in a time where the job market is hyper-competitive and the problems we face are only getting more complex. Advance your skills beyond entry-level through hands-on experiences solving a community problem. Then add them to your resume.

Join a Design Thinking Challenge and develop valuable skills like: 

  • Conducting research, analyzing and synthesizing data
  • Leading & organizing a team
  • Giving tailored, professional presentations and pitching ideas
  • Receiving & integrating feedback

What is Design Thinking?

Design thinking is a tool for solving complex problems. It’s a process that offers a new way of seeing and operating in the world and it starts with people. Design thinking asks us to work together to address everyday challenges in creative ways. 

As a design thinker you practice human-centered observation, critical research and analysis, innovation, and experimentation. With an emphasis on empathy and testing ideas, the principles of design thinking are useful no matter your background, major, or future career aspirations.

“This program is a great way to learn, gain experiences that will make you a better student, and make some friends. Being a part of something big is really rewarding. I got involved in the Design Thinking Challenge because I care about sustainability, I wanted to get involved at the UA, and I wanted to make some new friends. It was a great choice; I got to do all of those things!”

Katie Beauford, Communication

For more information, contact

Eli Burke, Program Manager, Design Projects