Career Core by Kaplan: Company Research (Topic 18)

Recommended for students or alumni in an active job or internship search who want to understand the “why” behind and the “how” to research organizations of interest.

Sometimes, the difference between getting an opportunity and watching it slip through your fingers is not just how much preparation you have done, but how you have done your preparation. This topic will emphasize the importance of conducting deep, meaningful research into companies that are of interest to you.

One thing to note: Throughout this topic, the word “company” is used as shorthand to represent any organization, school, nonprofit, or other entity relevant to your career search and goals.

Even if you opt to pursue an entrepreneurial path, you’ll almost certainly be working with other entities for financial support. You’ll want to know what those companies offer and represent, how they package their loans or other support, and even how stable they are. This also applies if you’re searching for a fellowship—you’ll need to do intensive research into what organization provides the fellowship, what it entails, what the organization’s culture is, and what the expectations are. No matter the opportunity, research will set you up to secure it!

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