Family Saturdays at WMG have shown me the importance of not just tailoring sustainability advocacy to the community but intimately involving the community in the realities of urban sustainability. Each family Saturday I have had the chance to attend has been attended by all walks of life with varying levels of both interest and experience in the world of sustainability and most importantly it has been attended by those with no interest in it, sometimes just wanting an event to attend in connection to the community. I think that last group is what surprised me most about community events through WMG, the idea that the goals, mission, and realities of the site (Living Lab) are so intertwined with sustainability, conservation, and radical environmental consciousness yet some of the visitors were simply just excited to be a part of the community and almost by accident got to learn all that the event and organization had to offer. This has been a recurring theme to me throughout my experience is the concept of community and what it means to people and it tipped me off to a new definition for sustainability, specifically sustainable communities.