Transferable Skills

What are Transferrable Skills?

Transferrable skills are talents or abilities that easily transfer from job to job or profession to profession. They are especially in demand today because it’s much more difficult to teach an employee skills such as developing rapport with coworkers or knowing how to manage conflict.

In-demand transferrable skills include:

  • Communication Skills
  • Problem-Solving
  • Teamwork
  • Collaboration
  • Leadership
  • Initiative
  • Creativity
  • Work Ethic
  • Interpersonal Skills

Help your students become better at their job, on the job

At SECD, we know that transferable skills are incredibly important, but can be incredibly hard to develop. That’s why we created Build the Skill: a five-week, online professional development program that allows Wildcats to sharpen the transferable skills they’re already gaining at their on-campus jobs. Over the course of five weeks, students in Build the Skill:

  • Identify areas in their work where they utilize transferable skills like leadership, teamwork, and communication
  • Learn vocabulary, tools, and strategies to hone their abilities and improve their confidence
  • Make plans to improve transferable-skills-related improvement at work

By the time they’ve completed Build the Skill, students not only recognize the skill-building value they gain in their on-campus jobs, but recognize the value they can provide as competent leaders, team members, and communicators.

We’ve made on-the-job professional development easy for you and your students

Through Build the Skill, we’ve done all of the heavy lifting for you—we’ve done the research, we’ve developed the curriculum, and we host the entire program on D2L, a platform your students are already familiar with. We also award your students a digital badge upon program completion. Not only does it certify your students’ abilities and acknowledge their hard work, but it lends credibility to your organization’s professional development efforts. By providing comprehensive, relevant professional development, you elevate your on-campus job from something that helps students pay the bills to something that helps students build their career. 

Launch Build the Skill: Teamwork for your student employees this spring!

Do you employ a group of student employees who could benefit from some on-the-job teamwork development? We’re launching brand-new, updated curriculum for Build the Skill: Teamwork this March and we’d love to partner with you!

Reach out to our Employment Initiatives Coordinator, Katie Beauford ( to learn how to integrate Build the Skill into your on-campus job.


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