Welcome! Whether you are a current student or alumni, we have arranged our website to get you the information that you need, when you need it! There are three types of “communities” (or pages):

  1. Programs & Resources – These communities support you as you follow the Career Journey Map, including showcasing the many transformational ways that you can build skills and gain experience, including the Blue Chip Leadership Experience, Experiential Learning, Research, Transferable Skill building, Functional Skill building, and Internships.
  2. Career Clusters – These 10 clusters group related types of work. They give you an easy way to explore different kinds of jobs and internships within one broad category. Each has a dedicated community that you can explore, including recommended Internships and Jobs at organizations that are currently hiring.
  3. Identifies & Affinities – We know that our identities shape how we experience the workplace. In these communities, we provide advice tailored for varying identities and affinity groups.

Each community provides different types of content, including:

  • Helpful narrative information and videos
  • Links to resources, including examples and templates, helpful hints, and more
  • Alumni connections, featuring individuals open to connecting with current students or fellow alumni to network and have career conversations
  • Featured classes and experiences to help you build skills

We encourage you to follow communities of interest to receive alerts when new content is added, and to explore the events visible on the home page. Bear Down!