Evaluating Your Offer

You had a great interview and perhaps they’ve made you an offer. How do you know if you should accept? Here are some things to consider:

Job fit

  • Does the role fit with your goals?
  • Do you enjoy doing the majority of the tasks that make up your responsibilities?
  • Are you working within your preferred environment (on a team vs. more independently, remote/hybrid or in-person, etc.)


  • Consider factors such as the weather, cost of living, and how you’ll spend your time outside of work
  • Will you have to relocate? Do they help cover your relocation expenses?
  • What would your commute look like?
  • How close are you to friends and family?
  • If your work requires frequent travel, are you close are you to the nearest airport?


Beyond salary, benefits can increase the value of an offer. What benefits does the employer provide? Consider…

  • Paid time off,  or paid vacation and sick leave
  • Health insurance
  • Retirement
  • Childcare or wellness benefits
  • Tuition repayment assistance or tuition assistance for continuing education
  • Bonuses or commissions

Employer culture:

  • Can you visualize yourself within the organization?
  • How well do your values align with the organization’s values?
  • What are examples of the organization’s values in practice?
  • What are the expectations for what you wear if you work on-site?


  • Is the offer competitive for the industry, job level, and location?
  • What are the criteria for advancement and are they transparent within the organization?


  • Will the position challenge you and give you room to grow?
  • Will you learn new skills and gain experience to further your career?
  • Are there opportunities for you to be mentored by more experienced professionals?
  • Are there opportunities for professional development or trainings (skill-building courses, conferences, etc.)?

You can ask about any of these considerations to gain further clarity on whether to accept an offer or continue your search to find a better fit.