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Leverage these dedicated resources and a network of Wildcats willing to help you develop essential career skills and relationships to maximize your career growth.

The Job Shadow Program (JSP) is back!

Students: expand your knowledge about industries, job functions, and employer culture at participating organizations via this low-stakes, high-value opportunity to peak behind the curtain! Alumni and employers: host one or more students! Learn more.

By Emily McCarthy
Emily McCarthy Senior Director, Career Development
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Embrace your Career Fears – Run Towards the Sword

We can all recall a time where procrastination got the best of us. For many of us, our first instinct is to run away from what is causing us stress and anxiety. We tend to ignore our hard tasks, in …

By Bridget Hall Campbell
Bridget Hall Campbell
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Got Work-From-Home Burnout? Here’s How to Handle It

Way back when, for so many of us, working from home (WFH) felt like the dream. And while some may still consider it a near-perfect situation, for others, the work-from-home burnout is real.

It can be hard to get anything …

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Here’s what recent grads should know about freelance or contract work

Are you looking to pursue a career path that allows you to have more professional independence and flexibility in your schedule? Consider joining the 58 million Americans who are currently doing just that though freelance and contract work. Here are …

By College Recruiter
College Recruiter believes that every student and recent grad deserves a great career.
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5 Career Lessons After Getting 5 Degrees

Nurse practitioner-turned-CEO Valerie Kading shares how a lifetime of learning has expanded her ability to help others.

A former nurse practitioner, Valerie Kading’s path to becoming the CEO of California-based Sierra By The Sea and Sunrise Ranch behavioral health facilities …

By Lacey John
Lacey John
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