What Stands Out on an Internship Application? Hearing from Professionals and Employers

From an employer’s perspective, a few key elements stand out as indicators of a promising candidate and I’ll be talking through 3 of those points. After speaking with employers and members of the Student Engagement and Career Development team, these …

By Sarah Randolph
Sarah Randolph
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5 Valuable Tips for Asking About a Research Opportunity

Initiating a conversation about a research opportunity can feel daunting, as a whirlwind of uncertainties may come into your mind. Should you approach the subject directly, or is there a more subtle way to express your interest? How do you …

By Sarah Randolph
Sarah Randolph
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A Student’s Perspective on Research; Julianne’s Story

The most frightening part of research is getting started. Taking that leap into a new project takes courage. Julianne Chania Setiadi, a senior in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Arizona, shared that once she took the leap, her nervousness …

By Sarah Randolph
Sarah Randolph
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Emailing Faculty About Research Opportunities (Example Included)

For many students looking to get into research, one way of finding opportunities and getting involved is to email faculty directly. By emailing a faculty member about your interest in research, you can share more information about yourself, why you’re …

By Sarah Randolph
Sarah Randolph
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The Tips and Tricks of Informational Interviewing

Informational interviewing is a unique and influential networking resource in any internship journey. No matter if you’re searching for internships or already in an internship, it’s important to think about how you can stay connected and learn from others. You …

By Sarah Randolph
Sarah Randolph
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Featured Classes

EDL 396b I Design Thinking for Social Change

In this interdisciplinary course, students learn and apply the Design Thinking (human centered design) process in partnership with a community…

SBS 411 | Design Your Search

1-CREDIT 7-WEEK COURSES In this 7-week course, you’ll have the opportunity to design an internship or job search specific to…

AREC 365 | The Food Economy – Efficiencies, Gaps and Policies

Few questions are more fundamental than how we feed the world’s people. Yet, the coexistence of food insecurity and food…

ANTH 395B | Special Topics in Cultural Anthropology

The course as taught in any one semester depends on student need and interest, and the research/teaching interests of the…

CHEE 377 | Microbiology for Engineers

This course focuses on the principles of microbiology, including physiology, metabolism, genetics and ecology. The course explores fundamental microbial processes…

ENGL 307 | Business Writing

Business writing is an Engaged Learning course that provides applied, hands-on experiences with professional business writing. The course explores how…

LAW 496A | Law Clinic

Experiential learning is an essential ingredient in the educational process. Our extensive clinical education offerings include in-house clinics and placement…

NSC 395A | Experiential Learning in Nutritional Sciences

This course offers an organized volunteer and work opportunity with oversight by the department and a classroom component.

PAH 383 | Pre-Internship: Building Career Readiness

This course provides students with the knowledge and skills to search for, secure, participate in, and reflect on an internship…

PAH 420 | Innovation and the Human Condition: Learning How to Improve Life in the Community and Beyond

This course will equip students with the skills to use the humanities intellectual and analytical traditions to identify and pursue…

PHPM 448 | Addiction and Substance Use Policy

This course provides an overview of substance use and policy efforts to intervene. It reviews the origin and evolution of…

SOC 397A | Poverty in Tucson Field Workshop

This workshop-based course explores the problem of poverty in the city of Tucson and its impacts on the well-being of…

SPAN 480 | Service Learning

SPAN 480 satisfies the service-learning requirement for the Spanish and Portuguese Program at the University of Arizona.  Students will participate…

TLS 355 | Planning Community Events and Recreation Programs

Students in this course will gain broad knowledge about event planning and programming techniques that can apply to a variety…

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