Support For New Grads Still Seeking Employment

Congratulations on completing your degree!

If you’re graduating and still engaged in an active job search, we’re here to help! Visit our Still Seeking page for resources to help kick your search into high gear. Schedule a 1:1 appointment with …

By Stacy Burnett
Stacy Burnett Strategist, Content Engagement
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What Stands Out on an Internship Application? Hearing from Professionals and Employers

From an employer’s perspective, a few key elements stand out as indicators of a promising candidate and I’ll be talking through 3 of those points. After speaking with employers and members of the Student Engagement and Career Development team, these …

By Sarah Randolph
Sarah Randolph
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Why I love Handshake

It’s always hard taking that first step when it comes to applying to jobs. We think to ourselves “Do I have the right experience?”. Well, all those fears are valid and nobody should be intimidated by a job application process: …

By Lara Tricarico
Lara Tricarico
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Level Up Your Career Prep with Events

SECD, the Eller Professional Development Center, and other Career Development organizations at the university regularly bring employers to campus (or host virtual events) to connect Wildcats with jobs and internships. Career Fairs are generally large events with many employers, and …

By Emily McCarthy
Emily McCarthy Senior Director, Career Development
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Is It Important to Be Passionate About Your Work?

Most people dream about a career that aligns with their passions. But, do you really need to be passionate about your work to find success? Explore the connection between passion and career path.

In today’s hyperconnected, ever-shrinking world, we’re presented …

By Lacey John
Lacey John
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The Wildcat’s Guide to Finding Your Career Path 

The road to a dream career is rarely straight and narrow. These tips will help guide your journey toward the right career path.

Searching for your dream career? Don’t fret — if you’re struggling to find the best career path for …

By Lacey John
Lacey John
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Any Major, Every Opportunity

Pete Corrigan, assistant director of employer relations in Student Engagement & Career Development, wants students to think broadly.

“Students often think too narrowly about their career potential,” says Corrigan. “They think, ‘I can do this with my major’ rather than, ‘With my …

By Pete Corrigan
Pete Corrigan Associate Director, Employer and Alumni Connections
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Avoiding Employment Scams

If something feels “too good to be true,” be suspicious. If an employer is making promises that no other employer has ever made before, it’s possible that they want to lure you in to steal your resume information or scam …

By Brittney Crawford
Brittney Crawford Program Manager, Digital Career Education Initiatives
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Restart Your Job Search Momentum

Here are 5 things you can do now that can make a difference and help you move forward in your efforts.

 1. Talk with a Career Professional!

Talk out what is on your mind, get some help generating ideas, strategize …

By Amanda Harrell
Amanda Harrell
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