22+ Top AI Companies to Watch in 2024

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Artificial intelligence (AI) has made quite a splash recently. While AI is nothing new, the ways we can use it at home and on the job have suddenly exploded with possibilities. And if you’re thinking now is a great time to join this exciting career field, you’re probably on to something!

But with lots of companies getting into the AI game, which companies should you keep an eye on now and in the future? We’ve got a few suggestions!

Careers in AI

Because AI is the “it” field right now, you’re probably wondering what careers in AI are available. Some common job titles include:

  1. Machine learning engineer
  2. Data scientist
  3. Prompt engineer
  4. Software engineer
  5. Data analyst

Keep in mind that technical roles aren’t the only careers in AI. These companies need lots of non-technical people, too, like marketers, salespeople, and writers.

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Top AI Companies to Watch

So, what are the top AI companies to watch in 2024 and beyond? Below are 22 AI companies to keep your sights on if you’re considering pursuing careers in AI, along with AI-related job titles the company typically hires for.

Our list includes a mix of large and small companies — some are familiar brands that have been around a long time and others are relatively new. These AI companies also cut across several industries, like retail, creative, and medicine.

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Finally, some of the below artificial intelligence companies offer one kind of AI product, while others offer several. The main AI products you’ll see on this list are large language models (LLMs) and generative AI. 

1. Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services offers AI and machine learning (ML) solutions as part of its suite of services. The company helps users collect, compile, and extract insights from their existing data but users can also create chatbots using the generative AI product.

Types of AI Jobs at Amazon Web Services:

  • Software development engineer
  • Applied scientist
  • Machine learning engineer

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2. Anthropic

Anthropic is a newer AI company. Though primarily focused on research and creating “safer” AI models, the company has also created “Claude,” an AI assistant for businesses.

Types of AI Jobs at Anthropic:

  • Principal technical curriculum architect
  • Prompt engineer and librarian
  • Senior developer relations

3. C3 AI

C3 AI provides a suite of AI products to help companies make critical business decisions. They work with sectors such as manufacturing, government, agribusiness, and utilities. The company’s AI products can help with a variety of tasks like demand forecasting, process management, and property appraisal.

Types of AI Jobs at C3 AI:

  • AI solution architect
  • Associate solution engineer
  • Lead QA engineer

4. Databricks

Databricks started in data science and data engineering but has since added AI. The company offers data warehousing and helps users analyze the data and uncover insights using generative AI, ML, LLMs, and more.

Types of AI Jobs at Databricks:

  • GenAI staff machine learning engineer
  • GenAI research scientist
  • Software engineer

5. DataRobot

DataRobot uses generative and predictive AIs to help companies work more efficiently. That includes everything from analyzing existing datasets to make predictions and creating new apps.

Types of AI Jobs at Data Robot

  • Senior AI data project manager
  • Senior backend engineer
  • Senior product marketing manager

6. Deep North

Deep North specializes in helping retail locations run efficiently. Using information from security cameras, the company leverages that data to help stores scale and optimize everything from store layout to queue management and staffing.

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7. Google

Google has entered the AI game with two AIs. The first is Bard, a conversational AI that helps users create images and content. The second is Gemini, built to help people analyze data, answer questions, and integrate seamlessly into other products.

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8. Gridspace

Gridspace is designed for call centers. The company’s main product is a voice bot named Grace, which helps answer customer questions and routes them to the right department. Gridspace also helps call centers identify issues and escalate them as quickly as possible.

9. H2O.ai

H2O.ai offers generative and predictive AI products to help customers analyze their data, make predictions, and create new apps.

Types of AI Jobs at H20.ai:

  • Customer data scientist
  • Machine learning engineer
  • Customer support engineer

10. IBM

Before ChatGPT there was Watson, IBM’s AI. Now called Watsonx.ai, IBM helps people build, train, and use AI models.

Types of AI Jobs at IBM:

  • Backend developer watsonx
  • AI engineer watsonx
  • DevOps engineer

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11. Jasper

Jasper helps marketing teams work more efficiently by creating content, analyzing data, and unlocking marketing insights.

Types of AI Jobs at Jasper:

  • Senior software engineer
  • Solutions engineer (pre-sales)

12. Meta

Meta‘s AI, Llama, is an open platform, meaning anyone can use it. Llama helps people write code, translate text into other languages, and more.

Types of AI jobs at Meta:

  • Content manager, gen AI
  • AI research scientist
  • Software engineer

13. Microsoft

Microsoft’s AI, called CoPilot, is a generative AI product that answers questions, provides direction, and more.

Types of AI jobs at Microsoft:

  • Principal machine learning scientist
  • Principal applied science manager
  • Data scientist II

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NVIDIA has pretrained models, allowing users to skip training the AI. Most of their products are used for data science purposes.

Types of AI Jobs at NVIDIA:

  • AI networking lead
  • Senior logic design engineer
  • Senior generative AI software engineer

15. OpenAI

It’s not the first AI company, but Open AI has definitely made the biggest splash with ChatGPT. The company also has DALL-E, which focuses on AI-generated images.

Types of AI jobs at OpenAI:

  • Applied AI: senior software engineer
  • Back end engineer, core data systems
  • Compliance engineer

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16. Openstream.ai

Openstream.ai has a conversational AI called Eva. What’s unique about this product is that Eva is more than a chatbot. Eva works across text, voice, and more.

Types of AI Jobs at Openstream.ai:

  • Product development I
  • Quality assurance lead
  • ML/NLP Engineer/Research Scientist

17. Oracle

Oracle has a suite of AI products including generative AI, ML, and LLMs. Most of these products are used by data scientists.

Types of AI jobs at Oracle:

  • Principal applied scientist
  • Architect AI ML
  • Cloud designer AI/ML

18. PathAI

PathAI is a medical AI company. It works with pathologists to provide more accurate diagnoses, match patients with the most effective treatment, and more.

Types of AI Jobs at PathAI:

  • Senior quality engineer
  • Senior product marketing manager
  • Senior accountant

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19. Runway

Runway bills itself as a creative AI that focuses primarily on images. Users can describe what image they want and have it created or use the AI to edit an existing image, create an animation, and more.

Types of AI Jobs at Runway:

  • Member of technical staff machine learning
  • Technical support engineer
  • Engineering manager machine learning

20. Shelf Engine

Shelf Engine uses AI to predict which fresh products a store should stock and when to reorder. The goal is to help retailers reduce waste and optimize their inventory.

Types of AI jobs at Shelf Engine:

  • Senior data scientist
  • Senior software engineer
  • HR compliance and administrative coordinator

21. Snowflake

Snowflake is a data storage company that has integrated LLMs and generative AI into its product. This allows users to analyze their data and unlock insights quickly and efficiently.

Types of AI Jobs at Snowflake:

  • Senior software engineer
  • Senior user researcher
  • Solutions architect

22. Synthesis AI

Synthesis AI uses labeled data sets, making it easier for users to get a jumpstart on their project. The company’s focus is on creating realistic images.

Types of AI Jobs at Synthesis AI:

  • Machine learning engineer
  • Backend software engineer
  • 3D artist

Watch These AI Companies

While it’s difficult to predict what the future holds for any of these artificial intelligence companies, one thing’s for sure — AI is here to stay. And as the field continues to grow, so too will opportunities for jobs in AI. 

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