Posting on LinkedIn – You’re Not Bragging!

Why is it so hard for us to talk about our accomplishments? 

Well, no one likes a “show off”… right? From a young age, many of us have been taught that talking about ourselves is vain. It may feel uncomfortable or even wrong to voice our accomplishments…much less post about them!

However, self-promotion is a necessary tool for success in the professional world. Don’t get me wrong, I am guilty of subtly bragging on my social media feed, especially when it comes to a fun concert, beautiful vacation, or new coffee shop. However, when it comes to sharing my actual accomplishments, like the majority of us, I encounter some difficulty. Platforms like LinkedIn are specifically made for people to have the freedom to talk about their goals, interests, and accomplishments…so let’s use it to our advantage!

Why is it important to post about myself? 

“There is no point being the world’s best secret. You can have the best product or service, but nobody will know you exist if you do not put yourself out there.” -Tiwalola Ogunlsi, Life Coach and Founder of Confident and Killing It 

Talking about yourself and your accomplishments in the right environments increases your chances of success. Conveying your interests, skills, and achievements may help someone make the connection between you and an opportunity. By developing a strong personal brand, people will remember you when they are looking for someone with a particular mission, skill, or expertise. LinkedIn is a platform that encourages professionals to express their passions and accomplishments, and a place where people seek out talented individuals. A line from Dasani Madipalli’s article, No You’re Not Bragging and Other Tips for Creating Your Resume, describes this idea perfectly, “…if you don’t define yourself, someone else will do it for you.”

What can I post about?

After we get over this fear, the next step is deciding what to actually post. 

It is important to remember that no accomplishment is too small to share. LinkedIn is known for being a hub for celebrating accomplishments, and it may help to take cues from people you follow whose posts you enjoy and get something out of. What are they posting and sharing? You might see their posts are simple updates on professional endeavors, or reposts of articles related to their field. Whether you just signed full time with a company or discovered a new passion of yours…post it and be proud!

Here are some additional ideas: 

  1. Start small: Begin expanding your network on LinkedIn, and interacting with your follower’s posts. Liking and commenting on others’ promotions/new jobs is an easy way to dive in!
  2. Repost Articles: Rather than coming up with new ideas, why not repost someone else’s? This will make known to your network where your interests lie, as well as support someone else.
  3. Lead with Authenticity: Do not feel pressure to use long, formal words on the platform. Keep your posts and comments authentic to you, while still being professional.

I also encourage you to post about any uncertainties or fears you have surrounding your career. If you are having trouble finding a job, unsure of your career path, or simply feeling burnt out, there is a good chance that people in your network have felt a similar way as well. Being vulnerable on platforms can be scary, but I have learned that people really appreciate the authenticity behind these posts. 

With all of this said, it is important to keep in mind the way in which we talk about ourselves and our accomplishments on LinkedIn. 

How do I post about myself in an authentic yet beneficial way?

I am a firm believer that how you communicate your accomplishments is as important as the accomplishments themselves. There is a way to talk about your accomplishments that isn’t boastful, but rather sharing stories that will inspire and educate others. Before posting on LinkedIn, consider asking yourself a few questions to ensure the post is authentic, genuine, and beneficial.

  • Does this have genuine intentions behind it?
  • How can this inspire someone?
  • Why am I proud of this?
  • Will this post attract future opportunities?
  • Who has helped me achieve this goal? 

For example, if you are posting on LinkedIn celebrating a new job, you can mention who helped you through the process, what you learned in the hiring process, any advice, or even the struggles you went through when looking for a new job. Gearing this information towards the audience will leave a lasting impression, and possibly help others in their own job search. 

In addition, can we all collectively start posting on Linkedin with a bit of casualty and authenticity?

We often forget that LinkedIn is a form of social media, filled with emotional, vulnerable humans. This is a place to show off your personality, and to be real and honest. I think we can all agree that posts with extremely formal and professional language feels a bit inauthentic. People appreciate authenticity…especially in spaces that tend to lack it. 

Feeling inspired yet?

We have all worked hard to get to where we are today. Embrace being proud of your accomplishments and sharing them with others! The right people will be drawn to someone who has the confidence to advocate for themself, and will be inspired by your accomplishments.

I also challenge all of us to make LinkedIn and other professional platforms a safe and authentic space where we can freely express our thoughts, concerns, and accomplishments without judgment. 

Who’s with me?

By Bridget Hall Campbell
Bridget Hall Campbell