Why I love Handshake

It’s always hard taking that first step when it comes to applying to jobs. We think to ourselves “Do I have the right experience?”. Well, all those fears are valid and nobody should be intimidated by a job application process: it’s part of life.

As students we have to take that first step and put ourselves out there because at one point we will graduate, and we will face that struggle all over again. 

This is why I love Handshake and I will give you three reasons to use the platform!

First, you can apply to on-campus and off-campus jobs through Handshake, the number one platform for students to connect with employers. It’s very straightforward just like LinkedIn, but less intimidating. The University of Arizona has partnered with many companies which are looking to recruit young talents after graduation. However, it’s not limited to jobs but students can find internships, volunteering, undergraduate research and fellowship opportunities on the platform too!

Second, Handshake has a bunch of free resources for students and alumni up to one year after graduation. The first step is to complete your personal profile by adding your experiences, capstone projects, certifications, job preferences, extracurriculars, and your career cluster. The goal is to stand out, so the more information you provide about yourself, the better. 

To access career development resources, just click on the career center button on your upper right hand corner and voila! You can select to schedule a career advising appointment, browse through the resources, sign up for upcoming events, career & internship fairs, and so much more.

Lastly, I got my current part-time on-campus job that I love on Handshake. It was such an easy process because the school offers endless opportunities for students who are looking to gain more experiences while pursuing their education. Nearly every college department, university facility, or clubs post their job listings on Handshake. Employers are continuously looking for motivated students who want to enhance their work experiences and skills

Take that first step and log into Handshake with your NetID.

By Lara Tricarico
Lara Tricarico