Research Workshops – Why You Should Attend

With the Spring 2023 semester started, workshops can be the last thing you are thinking about. But, did you know now is a great time to attend one? With summer deadlines approaching and the Fall semester ahead, it’s time to start thinking about what you need to do to start your research and the steps that happen after. No matter where you are in your research journey, the Undergraduate Research Ambassador team is holding Tuesday workshops that can help you in getting started in research.

What Are Research Workshops?

The Research Workshops are a variety of interactive presentations to help students in different steps of getting started in research. Each workshop has tips for the specific topic, resources, and questions, and/or break out times to ensure participates get to actively engage in what’s happening. These workshops were made to give students the support and confidence they need to apply to research, reach out to faculty members, present their research, and more.

You do not need want to miss them! If you can make one or more of these workshops, you will gain insight on the topic and get support from an Undergraduate Research Ambassador.

Research Presentation Topics

Here are some past and upcoming Research Workshops!

Passed: Skill-building workshop: Undergraduate Research Application Workshop

Applying for a research program or position?  Planning to apply in the future?  Join us for a hands-on workshop to help you put the pieces together!  We will cover items regularly requested in research applications: cover letters, statements of interest, resumes, CVs, letters of recommendation, and more!  This is a hands-on workshop. Bring materials with you. These might include applications you are working on, materials you are preparing, descriptions of programs you are interested in, or applications you have submitted in the past.  Don’t have any of these things?  Don’t worry!  Come to listen, learn, and build for the future.

Passed: Introduction to Research / Finding Research Opportunities

Interested in participating in research?  Not sure where to start?  Join us to learn how to find undergraduate research opportunities on and off campus!  This workshop will get you started on your journey! 

February 14th at 12:00pm – 1:00pm: Undergraduate Research Journey Stories – LatinX Research Journeys panel

Research is Revolutionary!
Join us in welcoming Latinx scholars and leaders to our Undergraduate Research Journey Stories series!

Listen as panelist share their stories as students, scholars, researchers, and professionals, and how their Latinx identity has shaped and informed their pathway, options, and choices. Learn about how work in research can improve lives, inspire leaders, and launch you on your academic and professional path.

February 21st at 12:00pm – 1:00pm: URA Skill-building Workshop: Communicating with Faculty

Are you interested in proposing an independent study idea to a faculty member? Do you need to find a mentor for a thesis project? Do you need to ask for a letter of recommendation or other support toward your goals? You don’t need to take this next step alone! This workshop will cover the nuts and bolts of reaching out to faculty — when and how is the best way to approach a faculty member, and how to prepare for these conversations. Register for this event below.

February 28th at 12:00pm – 1:00pm: URA skill-building Workshop: Dealing with Imposter Syndrome

This interactive presentation will cover the definition of Imposter Syndrome, teach participants how to identify it in themselves and others, introduce skills and practices to help individuals overcome their own sense of Imposter Syndrome, and provide a list of helpful resources. Participants will engage in interactive discussions and reflections. Register for this event below.

More to Come!

Check out the workshops page for more workshops and/or to request one of these workshops (or a custom workshop) for a classroom, club, etc.

By Sarah Randolph
Sarah Randolph