Embrace your Career Fears – Run Towards the Sword

We can all recall a time where procrastination got the best of us. For many of us, our first instinct is to run away from what is causing us stress and anxiety. We tend to ignore our hard tasks, in hopes that this will cure our stress levels and anxiety. If we ignore it, the stress of it might just go away… right?

Well, I think we can all agree that pushing something off actually creates more anxiety than if we were to just face the problem head on. We lie in bed obsessing about these tasks, which puts a huge weight on our shoulders. The stress of these overdue tasks tends to eat away at us, and start to have a negative effect on our everyday life. 

After realizing that this was something that I was dealing with quite often, I was inspired to make a change. 

I had a conversation with a mentor of mine, and she shared a simple quote that has really stuck with me. She said, “Run towards the sword.” 

In other words, run towards what you fear and do not let it consume you. Taking control of your life and dealing with things head on is not easy – it is a habit that takes discipline and effort to form. However, forming this habit is well worth it. 

Running towards our fears not only leads us to a multitude of new opportunities, but it lets us live more in the present moment. Have you ever had immense anxiety/stress leading up to an event, but then realized it wasn’t as scary as you thought it would be? We often hear the phrases, “That wasn’t bad at all,” and “I feel so much lighter now,” after someone accomplishes a difficult task or a fear of theirs. When we implement running towards the sword in our daily lives, we will find ourselves feeling lighter, more confident, and fully present.

Keep in mind this is something that gets easier with practice. Soon enough, our fears will become another obstacle to overcome, and running towards the sword will become a habit that is ingrained within us. When we master this habit, doors will open and new opportunities will present themselves.

As my graduation date nears closer, I am facing the fear and anxiety of what comes next. I have identified that my biggest “sword” at the moment is choosing the right career path following my graduation this May. Rather than letting this stress create a cycle of avoidance, I am actively choosing to run towards these fears by reaching out to mentors, learning about different career paths, and continuing to ask myself what is important to me in life. I am in no way perfect when it comes to this habit, however implementing this mindset into my life has made a huge impact on my success and happiness.

This semester, I challenge you to run towards what you fear. 

Don’t wait –

Apply to the dream job. Send the person a message on LinkedIn. Have the difficult conversation. Attend the career workshop solo. Walk into the interview with confidence. Prioritize yourself and your future.

Great things do not come from within your comfort zone.

Run towards the sword, and see how your life unfolds.

By Bridget Hall Campbell
Bridget Hall Campbell